Watch "HOW DID JAVIER BÁEZ MAKE THIS PLAY?! He is a MAGICIAN! (Insane between-the-legs flip gets runner)" on YouTube

Watch "Javy Báez's first home run as a Tiger was SMOKED! El Mago gives Detroit a late lead!" on YouTube

Watch "GO DOWN AND GET IT! Javy Báez golfs LOW pitch out for home run for Cubs!" on YouTube

Watch "Cubs' Javier Báez uses his speed to steal 2 and score on eventful trip around the bases!" on YouTube

Watch "Javy Báez Throwback Moments | MLB Debut, Iconic Tags & Slides, Mother's Day Walk-Off" on YouTube

Watch "Javy Báez and Anthony Rizzo's 2020 Gold Glove Defensive Plays" on YouTube

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