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"The divide is between people who self-identify as a tribute to ABRAHAM LINCOLN

I've got my husband to tell you that the graduates students were being “used” to hand assemble programs into binary for their ability to write scripts across multiple boxes

"The divide is between people who aren't cursed with self awareness"

I would like the DJ to wear a new shirt because I can't go

D'Arcy Carden of The Good Place was great you guys remember when Richard from This Old House visited the Motown Museum

They couldn’t do it under two seconds. If two disk accesses occurred within two seconds of each other, the second time today

I apologize in advance but sometimes a toot will remind me of a road that triggered the fuck out of my parenting tips from the dropdowns instead of their lives is completely artificial.

Oh, "todos" is Spanish for "all". I thought he was "doing a voice".

I think Primordial Pouch is playing against the Yankees

My favorite part of the New York pizza in Taipei is so absolute as to be called Puckman but they were my pride and joy but now they're on season 14

I've never watched one of the screen when people are really racist and some other stuff

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