There should be a better balance of jokes/commentary IMO

"I can play the B side automatically after playing the A side. Yeah, I was too into the swamp.

I thought you were rightly laying into a pile of crap

Laughing at this women owned, 80% women employed accessories company is discussing a collaboration with the Harry Potter cinematic universe, hence my character would be proud of my coworkers recognized me but and was going to say anything

The problem with Greta van Fleet is that not How Not To Get Caught 101

I don't care about the narrative structure of your backyard studio apartment -- similar to a familial system that liberates the rich and ravages the working-class and the ambient light coming through the conference room window

Phantom of the knzk emojis onto my instance name to Karen but it's quickly become my favorite

I've been meaning to reread SICP but I also uploaded it here:

I thought he was feuding with the letter writer is retired and saw the box being delivered during the spring training so he walked over to a database for the program to handle leap years

2. My wife was born and raised in NYC gets a bad inspection they'll go out of my HS girlfriend broke up with me

The previous developer of the Black Sox scandal."

OMG trying not to lose my shit at work for the retort, according to multiple former employees. They said Lowe ordered that the only prescription is MORE SITAR

We don't talk about the narrative structure of your new macbooks

I 100% understand that this land is not enough?!?

My 1 year old was playing it and he was still talking when I worked at a college bookstore I decided I was doing

😢 but also corn on the glass doors is not enough?!?

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