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When optimizing your programs DON'T try, say, swapping out / for >>. At least if you're writing C, C++, Rust, or JavaScript. These sorts of optimizations (all some people know) are usually already done for you, as I've been spending over a month now explaining, and as such just serves to make your code less readable.

If you have otherwise squeezed all the performance out from your code & need more, take measurements. Know what you're doing.


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Given enough programmers, enough computers, and enough time, someone at a company will eventually grant universal remote root access to anyone who can send a polite request to a socket.

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The Unix way of setting up and using mail clients can go fuck itself.

S-expressions are the simplest programming language syntax, I don't understand why they are considered beginner unfriendly

amonkhet remastered 7-2 draft deck 

P1P1 Pride Sovereign and then grabbed all the cats I saw

@bees can I make an unsolicited card game suggestion to you

Dice rolling game where the dice are custom 3x3 cubes and players rotate the faces of the dice to affect the outcome of rolling the dice

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what your magic the gathering deck color says about you 

red: huge nerd
black: huge nerd
white: huge nerd
green: huge nerd
blue: huge nerd
colorless: huge nerd

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@Louisa I got Overboard! on Steam today and I really like it! Not ready to have a discussion about it yet

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warforged who casts magic missile by doing the chest-open-to-unveil-missile-launcher mech thing

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Dragonborn Adventurer Princess who, through a dire series of miscommunications, ends up being sent on a mission to rescue herself from the clutches of herself

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Finally playing Baba is You now that it's on Android and it is indeed great

How many fan formats exist already that involve having a class in your command zone?

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This is the most ridiculous C64 demo ever and it was just released. You need to watch this.

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