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@Louisa I got Overboard! on Steam today and I really like it! Not ready to have a discussion about it yet

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warforged who casts magic missile by doing the chest-open-to-unveil-missile-launcher mech thing

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Dragonborn Adventurer Princess who, through a dire series of miscommunications, ends up being sent on a mission to rescue herself from the clutches of herself

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Finally playing Baba is You now that it's on Android and it is indeed great

How many fan formats exist already that involve having a class in your command zone?

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This is the most ridiculous C64 demo ever and it was just released. You need to watch this.

If you want to watch someone shit on Microsoft devs for an hour

Watch "[EPILEPSY WARNING] How fast should an unoptimized terminal run?" on YouTube

Into the dungeon, venture into the dungeon
Watch it bring you to your sha-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees

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The #Shadowrun Trilogy (Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong) is free on GoG right now

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PL papers: "C, a low-level language"
OS papers: "C, a high-level language"
security papers: "C, the bane of my existence and the cause of everything bad in the universe"

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Newish JavaScript syntax I like 

"Optional chaining" is really nice!

If you have written any JS you have probably had to do something like this this:

if (myObject && === 1)

in order to prevent things from going to shit if myObject happens to be undefined.

Optional chaining lets you do this:

if (myObject?.foo === 1)

It's made a whole lot of my code a whole lot less verbose. It's of course even better when accessing sub-sub-sub properties. More here:

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Pokémon Snap!, Pokémon Crackle!, and Pokémon Pop!

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The average Hacker News commenter is classic high Int low Wis archetype

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