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It’s Long Past Time For Jack-O’-Lanterns To Decide Once And For All If They Are On The Side Of Humans Or The Side Of Demons #vol55issue44 #halloween #opinion

Corgi space shooter being developed on top of Godot game engine

I have to ask, has @dthompson seen this yet

food, meat eating, NYT's savage takedown of Peter Luger 

On Asian anti-Black racism. 

checking to make sure the kiddo cleaned their room and i stumbled upon what looks like a bad situation for the avengers. wonder how they’ll get outta this one,

Btw I watched a Lifetime movie today and will try to write a newsletter tomorrow or Thursday, so now is a good time to subscribe if you haven't yet (although, bewilderingly, 59 people have), at

It seems like a great time to reiterate: I hate clientside JavaScript, and the feature bloat it has brought to The Web and mainstream browser engines (Gecko, WebKit, & Blink). This can't and shouldn't last!

I want The Web to focus on hypertext (without JavaScript turning every feature into an attack vector on privacy) that can be rendered nicely in more form factors than just a laptop or tablet.

Everything else should be shoved off onto other MIMEtypes or URI schemes.

35 Year-Old C64 Easter Egg Hidden on Vinyl [video]

(submitted by modinfo)

Got approved to go to an academic conference to professionally complain about GoT final season.

@larrycsonka Larry, I’ll tell yeah, the only “leave” I’ve had trouble with is my wife. She’s always leaving me!

Although holding a lock across process boundaries may sound questionable to you, most other platforms try to use imperfect heuristics to fix concurrency issues. Or they just hope race conditions don’t happen. In my experience, prayers are not a very effective concurrency primitive.

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