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I had mentally prepared myself to lose this one after 3

Wordle Classic 243 4/6


@Louisa @Aleums call me old fashioned but I don't like this gen's starters

ME: I don't care about the Magic storyline

ALSO ME: OMG Tamiyoooooooo

Star Wars screen test: Say "Garsa Fwip" with a straight face

@monorail [[Raging River]] is another early card like that imo

@bees I need to be more like that, I'm the tryhard mono W/mono R aggro person

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Been having fun recently playing theme decks on Pokémon TCG Online. Can earn enough in game currency as a F2P player to get a new deck regularly enough to keep things fresh

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ME: WotC has gone down the tubes since Hasbro, Arena is terrible . . . ooh Magic discourse on the TL!

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@djsundog Local restaurant Han Dynasty kinda came from that sort of URL confusion:

'I was still debating using the name. Then I went to the internet and was trying to register handynasty dot com. It was taken. It was a porn site at the time. I'm like, "What?" Then I read the URL and I'm like [oh, my], this is "handy nasty," and at that moment I knew I had to name it Han Dynasty.'

The Magic Arena team keeps adding more floors to the tower while the foundation is still sinking into the swamp

@monorail I was alive at the time and no one I knew liked it, it was a few rich gamers who got in in the ground floor that complained. I loved Chronicles

@lattera I think the comment is important to specify that the flags need to be set simultaneously

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