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And if you hate checking your email, here is the thing I wrote! It is called MOMMY'S LITTLE PRINCESS and I gave it a CW for extremely intense monarchism, but I should have added one for the threat of poison ivy

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@Laser I'm on my phone right now, so pretend I put the worldwide proletariat, capitalism, etc. on this stock photo

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About a decade ago the pads my wife likes went on sale, so she made a bulk purchase to avoid ever having to worry about buying more. It turned out other people in her family were grabbing from her stash so she had to buy more.

@Pixley @triz that poor dog has probably been chased around by a toddler wielding a marker

auto cw: could contain food 

@Louisa there was a place by me that had banh mi fries but it burned down

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Bonus chatter: Back before VM/CMS, the punch cards were real. I started programming just as punch cards were dying out, but I recall that during the hot summer months, one silly trick to cool off was to go to the service window in the computer room and submit a small job of a few dozen cards. The operators would open the window to pick up the deck, and during that time, you got a brief blast of cool air from the computer room.

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ok after looking at far too many mtg cards while not knowing a single god damn thing about mtg, i am left with two impressions:

1) the people who made this are DANGEROUSLY haphazard with their worldbuilding
2) a fair amount of this art is Real Horny

me being proud of myself for extremely basic self-care and upkeep good upkeep step! For your draw step you draw Ancestral

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@whiskeysailor it's stuff like this that makes people hate history when you can say Constantinople had GREEK FIRE and Constantine XI Palaiologos dying leading a charge in 1453 and the fourth Crusade

for every short-answer question, Lazare writes two long sentences followed by a disjointed list of keywords — anything that seems relevant to the question. “The questions are things like... ‘What was the advantage of Constantinople’s location for the power of the Byzantine empire,’” Simmons says. “So you go through, okay, what are the possible keywords that are associated with this? Wealth, caravan, ship, India, China, Middle East, he just threw all of those words in.”

@zorinlynx I'm a parent and this is as dumb and pointless as you think it is

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"We didn't call it fuzzing back in the 1950s, but it was our standard practice to test programs by inputting decks of punch cards taken from the trash.

We also used decks of random number punch cards. We weren't networked in those days, so we weren't much worried about security, but our random/trash decks often turned up undesirable behavior.

Every programmer I knew used the trash-deck technique."

-- Gerald M. Weinberg

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