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@alcinnz @juliobiason It seems like part of the problem is that even though CSS gives developers the tools to make their pages more accessible, most of the things developers do with CSS end up making them less accessible. There's no reason for this when the vast majority of the information we want to present is just text. And there's no reason for the rendering of text not to be controlled entirely by the user. Which used to mostly be the case with the early web.

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A sideline business selling "funny" prank transparencies and overlays to go on top of the glass coverings of cryochambers, to fool the people inside them when they awaken, including:

) Stars in the night sky (i.e. adrift in space)
) Zombies
) A hotel-style Do Not Disturb sign
) A collections notice for charges related to cryochamber maintenance

"I can almost hear the Hacker News comments now, about what a luddite I am for not thinking five paragraphs of static text need to be infested with a thousand lines of script. Well, let me say proactively: fuck all y’all."

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@chip Hello! Some other developers on the fediverse you may be interested in following: @alcinnz @aral @cwebber

@alex Ooh, which game? I switched from Android to iOS recently and need recs

You Found The Exact Right Song For Your Mood ASMR

3 professional association football players vs. 100 kids

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Sometimes two of my fandoms collide into something phenomenally shitty

William Shatner - Common People

@Pixley @natehousley
Vested interest, united ties
Landed gentry, rationalize
Look who bought the myth
By jingo, buy America

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