On the Office Ladies podcast, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey recounted how one year the sexual harassment training for the cast and crew of The Office consisted of clips from The Office and that is incredibly surreal

Coming back to Animal Crossing after a break made me realize I haven't checked on my Nintendogs in YEARS

We are approaching the planet Yarin. The Rebel base is on a moon on the far side.

@DogMotif I am unable to think of the town of Vacaville, CA without also thinking of Cowtown

On the subway ride home a fight broke out at one of the stations. One or more people must have been holding the train doors open to watch because the doors wouldn't close. Just take the next train if you want to see what happens!

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist looks like a cross between Glee and a superhero show based on the pilot

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I have a new newsletter out, it is called FAMILY VANISHED and it is the source of the horny lesbian gun meme that y'all really seemed to enjoy, have a gander tinyletter.com/pixleyamelia/le

"[3] Learning is the naive algorithm for getting good grades."


"It's no wonder high school students often feel alienated. The shape of their lives is completely artificial.

But wasting your time is not the worst thing the educational system does to you. The worst thing it does is to train you that the way to win is by hacking bad tests. This is a much subtler problem that I didn't recognize until I saw it happening to other people."

@Pixley @triz @evan I want to make a relevant joke about my instance name to Karen but it's nerd shit 😢

@codesections I don't use autocomplete because, *for me personally*, it caused me to start being lazy and use trial and error coding by selecting from the dropdowns instead of taking the time to think about what I was doing

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Oh man, these Sesame Street Pinball animations are so good, they were my favorite as a kid youtube.com/watch?v=VOaZbaPzds

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the person is sufjan stevens and the rabbit is extremely minute details about tragedies experienced by the people of illinois

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