Remember U.S. Bank Stadium? It's back, in truck form!

Trying to Trademark a Meme? OK Boomer

At least five trademark applications are pending for the retort, according to a database for the federal patent office, including one by Fox Media, which hopes to use it for a possible television series.

@Thomas @lennie "people say they want something out of Blade Runner" is one of those sentences that sets me back on my heels and reminds me that I do not view the world how most people do

Why you might be counting in the wrong language

“We think that it's because the Welsh medium children had a somewhat more precise representation of two-digit numbers,” says Ann Dowker, lead author on the study and experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford. “They may have had a greater understanding of the relationships between numbers, how large they are relative to other numbers.”


Hello teacher, the Office 365 outage ate my homework

Found in production code:

[latestGlobal].forEach(msg => {

Let's create an array of one element and then iterate over it!

Hell yeah I have diverse taste in music, I like both Taylor AND Kanye

I was today years old when I learned that there is an optional column in Activity Monitor that shows you which apps prevent your Mac from sleeping.

Regular Yoda was just three baby Yodas in a trench coat

M:tG B&R Snark 

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