@Aleums @Counsel I read MtG articles and subreddits, watch YouTube videos, and listen to podcasts pretty much every day and there are still cards that I'm like, what is this?

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what your magic the gathering deck color says about you 

red: huge nerd
black: huge nerd
white: huge nerd
green: huge nerd
blue: huge nerd
colorless: huge nerd

@whiskeysailor John Glenn once met Caroline Kennedy and she asked him "Where's the monkey [Enos]?"

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@Louisa I got Overboard! on Steam today and I really like it! Not ready to have a discussion about it yet

@whiskeysailor @Thomas @Blakely theatlantic.com/magazine/archi

conducted a lengthy inquiry into the origins of the m-16 problem. much of the credit for the hearings belongs to the committee’s counsel, earl j. morgan. the hearing record, nearly 600 pages long, is a forgotten document, which received modest press attention at the time and calls up only dim recollections now. yet it is a pure portrayal of the banality of evil.

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warforged who casts magic missile by doing the chest-open-to-unveil-missile-launcher mech thing

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Dragonborn Adventurer Princess who, through a dire series of miscommunications, ends up being sent on a mission to rescue herself from the clutches of herself

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Finally playing Baba is You now that it's on Android and it is indeed great

@bees I would only have time to run something async on BGG

@djsundog if you lost the decoder wheel you wouldn't be able to play the game anymore

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