@laser Hot Take: The McElroy wives are better than the McElroy brothers

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Someone actually modified our internal ticketing system to offer the option of seeing random cats or dogs instead of staff members' employee photos. It's awesome.

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#CSS Tip:

If you're searching for info about CSS, add "mdn" to your search (works for duckduck go, google, maybe other stuff?) to get the Mozilla Developer Network which is really really good documentation compared to some stuff out there.

@algernon Any time I complain about my 16 month old to my Mom she starts laughing

Finally happy with my appearance.
- Turn off scroll bars and tool bar
- Translucent background
- tango-dark theme
- powerline menubar
- airline-doom-one powerline theme

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Tumblr died when yahoo and Verizon bought it let’s be real

If I ever visited England I would just pop Christmas crackers until i was escorted to the next plane back to America.

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"She shares her name with Amazon’s virtual assistant, a coincidence that once made her cry when she discovered that the only reason her boss had hired her was because she liked the idea of having a real-life Alexa to order about."

My favorite part of Star Trek is Worf in costume part 5:

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