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"...a whole show about Picard and the dog on the vineyard in France, with no starships, no phasers, the only Romulans would be those two Romulans who work for him on the vineyard, and no politics — just, like, there’s a funfair down in the village and they all go, and maybe Picard solves a very low stakes mystery in the village, like, someone has stolen the antique bell out of the bell tower, or something like that? I would have loved to write that show"

@interneteh @Pixley In Chinese culture you have to say "older sister" or "second oldest brother" instead of their name. You can call younger siblings by their names. I'm assuming this is similar to Koren culture.

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Because of Peppa Pig my child snorts instead of saying "oink"

@Louisa There was a Reddit fad a couple years back about using long hair as faux facial hair

Deep Space 9 is better than I remember because I mainly remembered the Ferengi parts

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i’m gonna start muting all crossposters. if i wanted to see tweets i’d be on twitter

@Pixley My HS gf was really into Chucks and The Beatles therefore I was too. I started growing my hair out to be more like late Beatles hair style but it was . . . . . . . . . uh, not the same (

Wait is "crap" a naughty word that needs to be bleeped out?

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It is.....a new Don't Threaten Me With a Good Lifetime, it is called NIGHTCLUB SECRETS and my stars, you will not believe the secrets (you will believe them)

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I don't mean to brag, but I'm in self-quarantine yet still applying deodorant every morning

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