@Pixley Mickey Callaway is making a call to the bullpen for Brooks Pounders

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the custom-made grill uses pressure sensor technology to adjust beat sounds based on where food is placed on the grill and how specific sauces and spices are used to flavor the food

@Pixley Roll over Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news

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I missed my improv class. I asked the prof if I could make it up right then. He said, “fuck off” and I replied, “yes, and die”

I tried out John Green's podcast The Anthropocene Reviewed over the weekend and I'm a fan


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electoralism, blah blah 

The only non-family related thing my wife likes about my home state of IL is Portillo's

@laser @Pizza This is the Portillo's by my parents' place. It's my favorite place to eat

Of course I know how to pronounce anime, it rhymes with mime.

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