The forbidden love between [[Ledger Shredder]] and [[Lurrus of the Dream-Den]]

There are entire chapters of The Wheel of Time that are only there to show off world building

Terraforming Mars is free on the Epic store until May 12

Did you hear about the indie game where you rate Irish accents? It's a brogue-like game

@bees @monorail I still have MODO installed, if there was a fedi pauper group I'd probably participate depending on the time the games were played

Lele, the game where you try to guess the Wordle variant

I'm reading the Wheel of Time and I like it except that the descriptions of women are super male gaze-y

@Louisa I don't have a Switch yet, but the game does look great

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earthbound is on switch SNES, that one is a classic for a reason. if you don't mind the classic dragon quest style battle system it's a perfect game and if you do it still gets carried by the setting, writing, and music

Nintendo should cross the streams and make Pokémon Crossing

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