magic, sad 

@Duende it is sad and it does suck and this is 100% how I feel as well

@Duende going full tangent but this is my favorite thing from when I was on Magic birdsite

@Duende they need to spend less time on promos and more time developing Standard

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Is there a scientific reason why cool air from outside feels nicer than cool air from an air conditioner, even at around the same temperature?

@gcupc The user can use one processor core and the GPU per browser tab, it's fine, who gives a shit

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@baturkey Yeah, that's the main thing. I like generating dynamic documents. I don't like doing desktop application development with a toolkit that's simultaneously low level and poorly optimized.

@gcupc as browser support for JavaScript has improved, JavaScript is used for more things including displaying text and styling the page to the point where you need 10 MB download to display a paragraph

account meta navelgazing 

I'm going to make this account the nerd shit account and migrate other tooting to @baturkey

Hans from Stuttgart is all "Ja, ja, ja. Mach schnell mit the art things, huh?
I must get back to Dance Central in Stuttgart in time to see Kraftwerk."

@Louisa "If you can't follow me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve to boost me at my best."

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if you jazz up your youtube video with a loud "thud" sound in the left speaker be aware that i will pause it and go into the other room to see if something has fallen over

Medical (on a TV show) 

@Louisa There was a toot On Here Somewhere about a medical leech escaping and it still delights me

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@Duende I agree, 6 Mana is steep. Maybe in Baral with High Tide and Turnabout and Remand, IDK

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@Pixley There was a short-lived sitcom called Trial & Error where one of the running jokes was chanting "murderboard! Murderboard!"

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