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birdsite screenshot, Frank Karsten replying to Brian Kibler


Ketchup and mustard levels nominal, relish levels CRITICAL

Also perhaps I should stop leaning so hard on using relish as a serving of vegetables.

Slay the Spire Run 

Sapphire+ achieved! Got lucky to keep getting Claws even with an early Busted Crown

Whoopsie Daisy (from Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman)

Slay the Spire run 

FINALLY got the three key ending with The Silent. My approach to the map has completely changed since I started playing. I went from avoiding elites to trying to hit as many as possible. I went from prioritizing ? to prioritizing normal monsters. I upgrade a lot more then resting at campfires now.

The most recent Tusky release from May has a preference to disable swiping between tabs

A bird rammed my window and scared the shit out of me, but I'm happy to report that after several seconds of lying dazed on the ground it got up and walked it off.

(In before Birds fall from the window ledge above mine, then they flap their wings at the last second.)

Oh my goodness (h/t @alcinnz)

"the engineers were indignant about their changes, even as cases of pilot error rolled in."

. . .

"However, they’d swapped the location of the throttle and ejection handles, and while under the stress of being shot at while flying at high altitudes, the pilots were often reverting to earlier, automatic behaviour and inadvertently ejecting themselves from the planes."

A lot of early Magic art is . . . not good. Some of it is INCREDIBLY racist. But there's also Indestructible Aura:

Love to use my official red Play-Doh ®️ crayon to pretend to draw with Play-Doh ®️ Brand Modeling Compound

"And what would you like in your burrito?"

"Starfleet captain, please"

covid adjacent, mom meme 

My mom works at a library

STAR TREK FANS: Star Trek is not a soap opera in space

STAR TREK: Lt. Tasha Yar was killed on Vagra II by a skin of evil named Armus. HOWEVER, a past version of Lt. Yar went into a temporal anomaly and had a daughter with a Romulan general, and that daughter would become Commander Sela

food, toaster shenanigans 

does this void the warranty

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