3 professional association football players vs. 100 kids

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I try to avoid getting knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and/or gewgaws but this and crossover bobblehead blew past my defenses

Laughing at this is what will get me killed in the AI revolt

I hate this shit. The line length of the code is longer than the width of the text box, so instead of reducing the side margins add a scrollbar to the text box. Problem solved!

Channel Fireball throwing some shade at its customers for its Valentine's Day sale. "10% off all singles"

Cards pictured: Lost Soul, Lonely Sandbar, Lone Wolf

As you solve puzzles in the lobby the lamps light up, then finally the iPad activates. Entering the correct code on the iPad will summon the person you have a meeting with.

youtube.com/watch?v=TmGe_FMZr0 I was wondering why my 1 year old was listening to What Does the Fox Say? and it turns out that a Chinese YouTube kids channel did an animation for it

"What shoudl we name our HVAC company?"


"Nailed it"

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