amonkhet remastered 7-2 draft deck 

P1P1 Pride Sovereign and then grabbed all the cats I saw

magic, m:tg screenshot, Strixhaven Stadium 

Caught the Golden Snitch against rogues

magic, mtg, standard shakeup 

The budget deck I've been having success with in the Standard Shakeup event, 5 Rares, 0 Mythics

Lurrus is artificially good in BO1 because of hand smoothing

Lurrus of the Dream-Den

4 Codespell Cleric
5 Swamp
4 Battlefield Raptor
2 Faerie Guidemother
4 Glass Casket
4 Clarion Spirit
4 Bloodsky Berserker
11 Plains
4 Bloodchief's Thirst
4 Brightclimb Pathway
4 Selfless Savior
4 Foulmire Knight
4 Village Rites
1 Great Hall of Starnheim
1 Angelic Ascension

magic,mtg,meme deck 

Hi this is Jeff, probably better known as...

The goal of this deck is to get Embercleave attached to Fynn and then make Fynn unblockable with Goblin Tunneler or Sneaking Guide. When it works I find it absolutely hilarious.

I think I finally broke Embercleave lol

@bees @Aleums

magic,mtg,khm draft diary 

Kaldheim draft looked too sweet, it pulled me back in. P1P1 was Frenzied Raider so I started out as R/W boast.dec but white was so open I was able to pivot in pack 3 to running Firja. I thought about trying to splash Showdown of the Skalds but I decided that was too greedy. I love winning games with cards like Warhorn Blast that you can pick up with 3 cards left in the pack.

My top ten movies list before I sleep on it: Serious Movies for Serious People

Slay the Spire run 

Finally got Amethyst+! I've completed the 8 endings I was going for so I can finally stop obsessing about this game and play something else.

I got Damaru as my starting perk, so i went into a Matra build. Everything fell into place from there. i got a Brilliance as part of Act I reward and found another in a shop!

I only like Prostrate as a +Matra card because of the 0 cost.

Cut Through Time to draw cards in Divinity turns

Nirvana was key during heart battle to gain block

Oh hey, macOS has a tool to determine the best WiFi channels.

The page is labeled Yosemite but it worked for me on Catalina.

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