Does anyone have recommendations for a static site generator?

Pluses but not required:
+ Emacs integration
+ Syntax coloring for ECMAScript

Boosts appreciated!

@baturkey Hmm, not sure on the ECMAscript part, not _directly_ - but

org mode does export to html?

(Just the first thing that popped into my head, not really a site _generator_ but ... )

@baturkey I use pelican (search pelican-python because pelican only is... an animal), I managed to add a pandoc renderer for my stuff so I can directly write markdown + some simple latex and filter it and magically render rich HTML

@baturkey I can't speak to Emacs but I was quite happy with Hugo and it's syntax highlighting

@baturkey @alcinnz I found Eleventy to be excellent. It’s language agnostic for templates, fast building, requires only Node, and is straight forward to configure.

@baturkey I use Hugo. The templating is a bit complicated if you want to build your own themes, but it's really fast and flexible (which matters to me as I have 2700 posts to render each time).

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