Medical (on a TV show) 

A character with a mystery jaundice-and-diabetic-symptoms illness on Call the Midwife turned out to have hereditary hemochromatosis, which is when your body holds on to too much iron and it fucks up your liver

The show is set in the 60s and they manage the condition with bloodletting, apparently that's still the treatment now

Imagine going to the doctor once a month or so to have them drain out some of your blood! For medical reasons! Real ones and not medieval humours!!


Medical (on a TV show) 

@Louisa There was a toot On Here Somewhere about a medical leech escaping and it still delights me

Medical (on a TV show) 

@baturkey lol I love that picture

For some reason, when I first heard about medical leeches stimulating capillaries I thought yeah, that sounds reasonable, but medical bloodletting sounds so wild to me

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