for every short-answer question, Lazare writes two long sentences followed by a disjointed list of keywords — anything that seems relevant to the question. “The questions are things like... ‘What was the advantage of Constantinople’s location for the power of the Byzantine empire,’” Simmons says. “So you go through, okay, what are the possible keywords that are associated with this? Wealth, caravan, ship, India, China, Middle East, he just threw all of those words in.”

@baturkey teaching our youths that keywords are important and sadly they all, just look at all the resume that are read by AI first. Ugh, just makes me sad that we treat teachers so poorly

@whiskeysailor it's stuff like this that makes people hate history when you can say Constantinople had GREEK FIRE and Constantine XI Palaiologos dying leading a charge in 1453 and the fourth Crusade

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