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I beg you to watch the video embedded in this article about a baseball player winning his arbitration hearing, it is literally one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life

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:siren: :siren: ALERT ALERT ALERT :siren: :siren:

there is a site ran by the us government that dispenses dad jokes

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Thinking about getting into podcasts for while I'm sitting in my office.

Any good recommendations?

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@mcmillen Sorry we're not taking your word for it, random Twitter man. We'll just check it out for ourselves for a few days and decide our own opinion on it.

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I am so sick of people writing documents to be read and navigated as single page applications.

"It’s not like many of the things that are in most W3C specifications are complicated, it’s just that the editor is bad at explaining them to non-implementers, which are most of the web developers that end up reading these specification documents."

Channel Fireball throwing some shade at its customers for its Valentine's Day sale. "10% off all singles"

Cards pictured: Lost Soul, Lonely Sandbar, Lone Wolf

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Former Apple Lawyer Who Was Supposed To Keep Employees From Insider Trading Has Been Charged With Insider Trading

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"Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs" by Jason Goldstein

I agree with the author that React, unlike Angular or CoffeeScript, seems to have staying power. I think though that React's real innovation is the component model, and there are plenty of other frameworks that have taken that idea and run with it (Vue, Svelte, etc.).

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Perhaps you should just eat foods you like, and not eat foods you don't like, and not make sweeping declarations that cannot be objective

My first programming language was BASIC, so after that learning C was a revelation. Now I feel like C is only suitable for programming an airgapped PDP-11

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Here's.... your.... Quest!
Here's your quest!
Put our dungeons to the test
Tie a broadsword on your belt, cherie
And we'll provide the rest

+1 boots, leather shirt
Very nice scar, must have hurt
Here have half of a banana
It does wonders for your mana

Skeletons, single file
They're just never out of style
And a locked room with one trapped exploding chest
Reach inside and grab the bag and
Lob a mortar at that dragon
That's your quest
You're the best
Here's your quest!

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if i was the galactic empire i would simply build a giant planet-destroying weapon without any exploitable weaknesses

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A town full of Draculas in two-story suburban castles. A young Dracula stands on their tomb-like porch and stares into the twilight gloom of the woods... the terrifying woods that surround the town.

They say a creature lurks out there. On quiet nights you can hear its call.

"Become my cooooontact on Linnnnnnked.... Innnnnn!"

A recruiter stalks the woods with the bonds of employment and the child Dracula bites their lip in fear of its attention, resolves not to wander.

But.. what if...

Really enjoying Stormbound recently, a cross between a CCG and a tactics game

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