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Sometimes two of my fandoms collide into something phenomenally shitty

William Shatner - Common People

uspol, iran 

Well I guess today is I the day I turn one column on and off repeatedly to see how I feel about it

You know things are bad in Hong Kong when people are nostalgic for BRITISH COLONIAL RULE

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Dad rock rage cover:

Grilling in the name of

HK protestors have organized cohorts to neutralize tear gas

First Terminators and now this?!?

Rock Paper Scissors robot wins 100% of the time

Just the angle of the wrist or early movement of the fingers is enough to give away what move the human is headed for.

uspol, dem candidates walk up music pt 4 

uspol, dem candidates walk up music pt 3 

uspol, dem candidates walk up music pt 2 

uspol, dem candidates walk up music pt 1 

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<< In 1981, Jove Publishing debuted a “No Frills” series of books. This consisted of four books, each of which was supposed to represent a generic version of a genre (science fiction, western, mystery, and romance). Each book featured a generic cover, styled after the generic packaging for foods. >>

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First day on Fedi: Attended Knight
Hundredth day on Fedi: Ebon Praetor

I started getting into history after I decided I was too into the lore of the D&D campaign setting Forgotten Realms

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@laser no, I had it in my phone from a New Yorker I read the other day, if I were to hang up a cartoon in my work space it would be this one

China, tank man 

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LOL Dr. Garfield, okay, I won't buy Scalding Tarns for $120 each and see how that affects my win %

"The first is whether buying something will make you a champion. This is not true for Hearthstone, Magic, or for that matter, golf."

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