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Interested in computing and how thing work in general

Like puns and wordplay

If you mention being a fan of something I am also a a fan of I'll remember and repeatedly shoehorn references in replies

Sports alt @baturkey

Dad alt @baturkey (locked, if we interact regularly I'll approve requests)

if (['2'] == 2) {

Oh, weil ok

@gdkar making a list, a list of all lists, a list of all lists that don't list themselves, bertrand russell's coming to town

Hell yeah I have diverse taste in music, I like both the Beatles AND the Rolling Stones

Hi sorry but I have a new newsletter, it is very long and the movie is incredibly bad but here you can read PARTY MOM if you don't want to subscribe or if you don't check your emails here okay bye

Werner Herzog on a possible CGI Baby Yoda

They were preparing to shoot a blank slate of the sequence as a backup in case they decided during postproduction that the puppet wasn’t convincing enough and a digital version had to be substituted.

Herzog, known for films about pushing the limits of human ability and endurance, could not hide his contempt.

“You are cowards,” he declared. “Leave it.”

Go to or AOL keyword: Mastodon

If I ever have to stop myself at the last moment from saying to my wife, "You know, Burt fucks the bees" I am quitting Mastodon.

TIL that `tar` automatically detects compressed archives now so the z option is unnecessary:

$ tar xf example.tar.gz

I want t return to France, or as I call it, "the fertile croissant"

Randy Johnson exploding a bird, I think about that a lot

Both the star trek and star wars franchises were hugely improved when their original creators stopped being involved with them

Dad Joke 

look man i'm not "stealing copper wiring from your half-built housing development," i'm seizing the means of conduction

Remember U.S. Bank Stadium? It's back, in truck form!

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