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account meta navelgazing 

I'm going to make this account the nerd shit account and migrate other tooting to @baturkey

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Interested in computing and how thing work in general

Like puns and wordplay

If you mention being a fan of something I am also a a fan of I'll remember and repeatedly shoehorn references in replies

Sports alt @baturkey

Dad alt @baturkey (locked, if we interact regularly I'll approve requests)

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People think I'm joking when I tell them to uninstall Excel from their computers

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please take a second to compare the memory footprint of MSN versus discord

I updated a code comment, better re-run all the tests

Slay the Spire run 

Finally got Amethyst+! I've completed the 8 endings I was going for so I can finally stop obsessing about this game and play something else.

I got Damaru as my starting perk, so i went into a Matra build. Everything fell into place from there. i got a Brilliance as part of Act I reward and found another in a shop!

I only like Prostrate as a +Matra card because of the 0 cost.

Cut Through Time to draw cards in Divinity turns

Nirvana was key during heart battle to gain block

Oh hey, macOS has a tool to determine the best WiFi channels.

The page is labeled Yosemite but it worked for me on Catalina.

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how do people have like a double life or a secret second family, i don’t even have the time or energy for my one life

Does anyone have recommendations for a static site generator?

Pluses but not required:
+ Emacs integration
+ Syntax coloring for ECMAScript

Boosts appreciated!

𓄃 Oh hey, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are in Unicode

birdsite screenshot, Frank Karsten replying to Brian Kibler

Unfortunately for them, 95 didn't quite get it right. You see, an hour later, when it should have gone from 01:59:59 xST to 02:00:00 xST, it didn't. It went BACK to 1 AM. Apparently, it had no notion of realizing which time zone it was in, or whether it had done the flip already. So, an hour later, we were presented with this gem from someone who had jumped on the 95 bandwagon and was still awake at that hour:

Win95 just updated my daylight savings time...AGAIN!

Pro Tour Champion 5-0s Legacy League With Cards From Secret Lair X The Walking Dead

Greg Orange posts Tweet with proof of undefeated Legacy League with Humans using at least four cards from the latest Secret Lair.

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The existence of Joy Division implies the existence of Joy Multiplication, Subtraction and Addition

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