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account meta navelgazing 

I'm going to make this account the nerd shit account and migrate other tooting to

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Interested in computing and how thing work in general

Like puns and wordplay

If you mention being a fan of something I am also a a fan of I'll remember and repeatedly shoehorn references in replies

Sports alt

Dad alt (locked, if we interact regularly I'll approve requests)

Having trouble figuring out what to do with my free time now that I've finished all 15 books of the Wheel of Time

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soft. ware.

basically hacker news went down yesterday and in this screenshot someone chimes in talking about it saying that they had a batch of SSDs manufactured by SanDisk all get bricked after exactly 40,000 hours (4.5 years) uptime because it overflowed an internal counter and corrupted the SSD's internal state.

someone from hackernews replies and says that the SSDs HN was hosted on were in fact SanDisk Optimus Lightning IIs and almost exactly 4.5 years old.

never trust a firmware

Beat Tunic but I think I got a bad ending because I didn't find all of the pages of instructions

The most important programming skill is not functional vs OO or learning algorithmic complexity or any of that. It's learning not to break your keyboard in frustration

@jeffjk Tunic was on sale on Steam so I got it and am enjoying it so far! I like reading video game instructions so that was a big selling point for me

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which would win?

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The forbidden love between [[Ledger Shredder]] and [[Lurrus of the Dream-Den]]

There are entire chapters of The Wheel of Time that are only there to show off world building

Terraforming Mars is free on the Epic store until May 12

Did you hear about the indie game where you rate Irish accents? It's a brogue-like game

Lele, the game where you try to guess the Wordle variant

I'm reading the Wheel of Time and I like it except that the descriptions of women are super male gaze-y

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earthbound is on switch SNES, that one is a classic for a reason. if you don't mind the classic dragon quest style battle system it's a perfect game and if you do it still gets carried by the setting, writing, and music

Nintendo should cross the streams and make Pokémon Crossing

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